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Mistress Zeneca's BDSM Event List for 2013 and Beyond

Wow, it's been a stressful and successful season. And while it's actually the end of the year and this is more like a party re-cap, I'm happy to report that there was a great fun time had by all.

•Walker Weekend #1 - Memorial Day Weekend 2013 - Zombie movie marathon and survival event. Candlelight ambiance sets the stage for Zombies to take over the event. The guests ate MREs and homegrown salad from Mistress Zeneca's gardens. Survivors were on the edge of thier seats when the zombies were roaming downstairs.

•Walker Weekend #2 - Labor Day Weekend 2013 - The story continues as the recently bitten find out if they are immune or if they will succum to the virus. Even more blood and gore as two guests were disembowled. Mistress Zeneca focused on homegrown foods, home-canned goods, and teaching survival and food preservation skills.

•The Glorious return of "Cherry Noir", a sex-positive BDSM Event and Swingers Play Party - Sept, 14th 2013 - Bring a partner or two and play in a venue with fewer restrictions. As always, RSVP on Mistress Zeneca's guest list and get in for a discounted rate.

And while we didn't manage to get the Charles Dickens High Protocol Christmas Dinner off the ground this year, the idea has been fleshed out, scripted and the 9-course menu has been set. Our professional actor who was to play our greedy Mr. Scrooge, he has committed to playing the role whenever we try to do this event again. Our caterer was more than kind and gave back our deposits for the food and I only had to take home the Roasted Goose as that was the one course that he could not cancel. Expensive events are the most elaborate and often the least appreciated. So, while it is a great idea, it seems we must wait for the Community to be ready to buy tickets for it. There will always be a "Next Time." :)
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