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Mistress Zeneca's BDSM Party Line-Up 2012 & beyond

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a rundown of what I have on the agenda for this year and next year. There's a motto that I work from for my events, "Over-The-Top Doesn't Exist". Planning for my elaborate parties takes time. In order to save enough money to be able to afford the decorations, the food, and the marketing efforts - I have to plan WAAAAY far in advance. So, I just want to clue everyone in on what surprises I have in store for the Philadelphia area.

•Sat, February 18th, 2012 - "Sacri-Delicious: A Religious Experience" - A BDSM Play party in a gorgeous former church. Dress in costume and join us!

•Sunday, June 24th, 2012 - 8pm-10pm - "Oh Mighty Caesar" - a Roman-themed VIP High Protocol Dinner theater featuring Pony-play chariot races, Gladiator battles, and the Death of Caesar. Cheap spectator seats available for those that just want to watch (or gawk at) the show.

•Sat, September 28th, 2012 - 9pm-2am - "Cherry Noir" - This is a sex-positive bdsm play party at Trapeze Swingers Club. Only people on my RSVP list get the special discounted pricing. http://trapezeclub.com/philly/cherry-noir-with-mistress-zeneca - Please contact me on the "Contact Us" form to get on the RSVP list.

•Memorial Day Weekend (May 24th-May 27th), 2013 - Walker Weekend: a Zombie Survivor themed immersion event. Roleplay being a survivor during the zombie apocalypse and maybe even get turned and attack your fellow survivors. A candlelit zombie movie marathon featuring MREs, canned, dehydrated, and preserved foods supplemented only with homegrown veggies. Outside, the sounds of zombie moans 24/7. Attendance is limited to 25 enthusiastic people at an undisclosed South Philly bunker location.

PARTY SUGGESTIONS ARE ALWAYS ACCEPTED!!! If you have a fetish that you want an environment to explore it in - Just suggest it! I tend to take an idea and run with it.. to the most elaborate and extremely engaging end. So feel free to contact me!

Mistress Zeneca
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