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Thursday, February 20th, 2014
11:51 pm
Mistress Zeneca's 2014 BDSM Party Schedule
Another exciting year.. 2014, the Year of the Horse! The Philadelphia fetish store Passional has asked me to take a major role in their monthly events. So for sake of ease, I'll just briefly touch on these discussion-style events and classes.

Standing Monthly Appearances:
  • Every 2nd Wednesday of 2014 - Geeks, Kinks, and Culture: Happy Hour with Mistress Zeneca. Takes place at Redwoods Bar and Grill on South St. across the street from Passional. Event is from 5pm-7pm, or until people decide to leave. Talk with me about whatever is on your mind, discuss the latest episode of the Walking Dead, or geek out with a game of Magic: the Gathering. This is totally the place to argue who would win in a fight - Spiderman or Batman (hint: Spiderman). And also the place to get some personalized help in kink topics that you may be struggling with. Cost: FREE (pay for whatever you food/drink you order though)
  • Every 3rd Monday of 2014 - Discussion Group at Passional. Taking place in the 3rd floor Community Classroom area of the store. Event is from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Cost: $5-15 suggested donation. Topics vary from month to month and range from discussions about Pony and Pet Play, How to Make Friends in the Scene, to telling Kink Stories around a fake campfire. See the Official Passional class schedule for the Topic of the Month.

Party and Special Event Schedule:

  • The Year's First "Cherry Noir" - January 4th, 2014 - Cherry Noir has been such a success that the Saints & Sinners Swingers Club invited us to have parties every couple of months. So to kick off the New Year right, we scheduled the first date for right after the kids go back to school... time for the parents to cut loose. Plus, it's so much easier to find a sitter AFTER New Year's Eve.
  • Attending High Protocol Events - March 1st, 2014 - A class based on Mistress Zeneca's High Protocol Event Manual. Learn the Submissive protocols, the Dominant protocols, the Walk, the Positions, the Transitions, and the Serving protocols. Serve with grace, receive service with gratitude. This class goes over how High Protocol dinner events are set up and goes into detail on what takes place at a typical event. This class proves that High Protocol doesn't have to mean stuffy and snobby. Have fun and learn the "Art of Attentiveness". Event takes place in the 3rd floor classroom at Passional. Cost: $20.

  • Introduction to Pony Play with SubMissAnn - March 27th, 2014 - SubMissAnn, a former National Pony/Trainer titleholder joins Mistress Zeneca to explain the fundamentals of Pony Play and what the appeal is. Learn the types of Ponys, the D/s of Pony Play, and the fact that being a Pony doesn't necessarily make you Submissive. Discuss the Pony headspace and view basic training manuevers. Mistress Zeneca will also discuss her "Brony Pony Pack", a candy colored My Little Pony inspired Pony Play and Cosplay team. Event takes place in the 3rd floor classroom at Passional. Cost: $20.
  • You'd be a Fool not to Attend "Cherry Noir" - March 29th, 2014 - Come to the next three Cherry Noir events or as many as you can to get a special invitation to our "Cherry Noir on Location". It's the ULTIMATE Cherry Noir event - taking place in an undisclosed Mansion in Philly. Enjoy the welcoming environment of this BDSM and Swingers event.
  • Second Chance for June "Cherry Noir" - June 7th, 2014 - Invitations to the Mansion party are still going out to people who attend multiple Cherry Noir events. So go wild and enjoy the start of summer with sexy-kinky people in a welcoming environment.

  • The Mad, Mad Tea Party - July 6th, 2014 - The Mad Hatter invites you to a Sunday tea party in the Garden at Passional. Mistress Zeneca will be leading the party in a garden of her own design. Come dressed in your Wonderland best. Serve tea and hilarity, with a few surprises on the side. We'll even celebrate an Un-Birthday, will it be yours? Limited seating. Cost: TBD
  • Last Night for Special Invite "Cherry Noir" - August 2nd, 2014 - Want to come to the Mansion party, it's your last chance to grab a personal invitation. Summer is hot and so are Cherry Noir events! Get your kinky-sexy-fun times on.

  • Super Secret Invitation-Only Mansion Event "Cherry Noir on Location" - Sept. 27th, 2014 - Shhhhhhhhh.. it's a Secret. As a THANK YOU to our loyal attendees, we're throwing this event and inviting those people who've come to the Most Cherry Noirs, and working our way down the list to those that have come to only one. BUT, invitations are limited. So to maximize your chance at an invitation, come to more than one Cherry Noir. This will be the LAST Cherry Noir for the year. Returning again in January.

For more information as it becomes available - Join the Cherry Noir Fetlife.com group or sign up for our mailing list at ElegantlyKinky.com.
Thursday, September 12th, 2013
11:27 am
Mistress Zeneca's BDSM Event List for 2013 and Beyond
Wow, it's been a stressful and successful season. And while it's actually the end of the year and this is more like a party re-cap, I'm happy to report that there was a great fun time had by all.

•Walker Weekend #1 - Memorial Day Weekend 2013 - Zombie movie marathon and survival event. Candlelight ambiance sets the stage for Zombies to take over the event. The guests ate MREs and homegrown salad from Mistress Zeneca's gardens. Survivors were on the edge of thier seats when the zombies were roaming downstairs.

•Walker Weekend #2 - Labor Day Weekend 2013 - The story continues as the recently bitten find out if they are immune or if they will succum to the virus. Even more blood and gore as two guests were disembowled. Mistress Zeneca focused on homegrown foods, home-canned goods, and teaching survival and food preservation skills.

•The Glorious return of "Cherry Noir", a sex-positive BDSM Event and Swingers Play Party - Sept, 14th 2013 - Bring a partner or two and play in a venue with fewer restrictions. As always, RSVP on Mistress Zeneca's guest list and get in for a discounted rate.

And while we didn't manage to get the Charles Dickens High Protocol Christmas Dinner off the ground this year, the idea has been fleshed out, scripted and the 9-course menu has been set. Our professional actor who was to play our greedy Mr. Scrooge, he has committed to playing the role whenever we try to do this event again. Our caterer was more than kind and gave back our deposits for the food and I only had to take home the Roasted Goose as that was the one course that he could not cancel. Expensive events are the most elaborate and often the least appreciated. So, while it is a great idea, it seems we must wait for the Community to be ready to buy tickets for it. There will always be a "Next Time." :)
Monday, May 28th, 2012
8:52 pm
Mistress Zeneca's BDSM Party Line-Up 2012 & beyond
Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a rundown of what I have on the agenda for this year and next year. There's a motto that I work from for my events, "Over-The-Top Doesn't Exist". Planning for my elaborate parties takes time. In order to save enough money to be able to afford the decorations, the food, and the marketing efforts - I have to plan WAAAAY far in advance. So, I just want to clue everyone in on what surprises I have in store for the Philadelphia area.

•Sat, February 18th, 2012 - "Sacri-Delicious: A Religious Experience" - A BDSM Play party in a gorgeous former church. Dress in costume and join us!

•Sunday, June 24th, 2012 - 8pm-10pm - "Oh Mighty Caesar" - a Roman-themed VIP High Protocol Dinner theater featuring Pony-play chariot races, Gladiator battles, and the Death of Caesar. Cheap spectator seats available for those that just want to watch (or gawk at) the show.

•Sat, September 28th, 2012 - 9pm-2am - "Cherry Noir" - This is a sex-positive bdsm play party at Trapeze Swingers Club. Only people on my RSVP list get the special discounted pricing. http://trapezeclub.com/philly/cherry-noir-with-mistress-zeneca - Please contact me on the "Contact Us" form to get on the RSVP list.

•Memorial Day Weekend (May 24th-May 27th), 2013 - Walker Weekend: a Zombie Survivor themed immersion event. Roleplay being a survivor during the zombie apocalypse and maybe even get turned and attack your fellow survivors. A candlelit zombie movie marathon featuring MREs, canned, dehydrated, and preserved foods supplemented only with homegrown veggies. Outside, the sounds of zombie moans 24/7. Attendance is limited to 25 enthusiastic people at an undisclosed South Philly bunker location.

PARTY SUGGESTIONS ARE ALWAYS ACCEPTED!!! If you have a fetish that you want an environment to explore it in - Just suggest it! I tend to take an idea and run with it.. to the most elaborate and extremely engaging end. So feel free to contact me!

Mistress Zeneca

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